Non-load-bearing blocks D-300


Class or grade of polystyrene concrete by compression strength Strength indicators of items, МРа at least
For compression For stretching upon bending
В0.5/D300 0.73 0.35


Grade of polystyrene concrete by average density Grade by frost-resistance
D300 F35


Grade of polystyrene concrete by average density Heat conductivity ratio in dry condition under temperature of (25±5)°С,

W/ (m*К), not exceeding

D300 0.085

Forms and Major Dimensions of Polystyrene Concrete interlocking blocks:

in millimeters

Name of product Major dimensions
Length, L Width, B Thickness, H
Heat-insulation polystyrene concrete blocks D300, B0.5, F35 600±7 600±7 150±5

Note –Upon concurrence of volumes with consumer, output of items of different geometrical dimensions is allowed.

Estimated ratios:

Grade by density Estimated ratios in operating conditions
Vapor permeability,


D300 0.100

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