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NORTEC COMPANY is a dynamically developing and promising company, core activity of which is production of heat insulation construction materials made of polystyrene concrete for construction of energy-efficient residential and administrative buildings, as well as industrial projects. Company’s all products are produced according to energy-efficient technologies and using the raw materials and components of European, Chinese and Uzbek producers.

NORTEC COMPANY emerged in the construction heat insulation materials market of Uzbekistan in 2013 and was established by JIHAN BE, Chinese export-import company, which is manufacturer of construction equipment and is owned by Per Samuel Bjorgaas.

Nowadays, NORTEC COMPANY is one of key manufacturers of heat insulation products made of polystyrene concrete and first developers of efficient construction solutions for heat insulation of buildings and facilities using the polystyrene concrete.

Polystyrene concrete is the only concrete of such light volume mass, which allow their delivery to the construction sites by motor-mixers and performance of works as with usual heavy concretes. Polystyrene concrete wall blocks allow not only building a warm house, but also insulate the walls, floor and house roofing.

Using the wall blocks with dimensions of 20х30х50cm and 30х40х60 cm made of polystyrene concrete the following advantages are achieved:

Saving of the premises’ use full area: due to minimum thickness of outer walls: thickness of outer walls of 20cm-30cmis quite sufficient for a cold winter without additional insulation, because 20 cm thick polystyrene concrete is comparable with 1.35 m thick brick wall by heat-conduction parameters.

Reduction of structure mass: load on basement from the building walls may be reduced by up to 7 times (as compared with single-bricklaying, one polystyrene concrete block with dimensions of 20х30х50cm and mass of 15 kg replaces by volume 16 bricks with dimensions of 25х12х6.5cm and mass of 53 kg, and upon replacement of 0.15 m² of a 2-layer brick wall with a single polystyrene block – over 30 bricks with total mass exceeding 100 kg, which allows reducing the load on the basement structure and increase the number of floors).

Reduction of construction cost: to reduce the cost of outer walls, reduce the fuel consumption for transportation, reduce the construction period and obtain over 10% of additional area due to reduced thickness of outer walls. At the same time, savings of the construction cost estimates is achieved. High accuracy of block manufacturing allows reducing substantially the expenses associated with wall surface plastering and dyeing.  Saving of up to 70% of solution. Polystyrene concrete blocks do not crack and break; therefore, you accept 100% of purchased material at the construction site.

Reduction of man-hours: polystyrene concrete blocks are easily sawn, toothed and polished, which substantially reduce the man-hours in the course of performing indoor works for electric wiring, plumbing, ventilation, joinery and other works.

Increase of heat-insulation properties: high heat-saving ability of house walls with use of polystyrene concrete walls. You obtain a warm house, which does not require additional frontal or indoor heat insulation. During summer, effect of pleasant coolness is created indoors, and heat is preserved during winter, which allows reducing the heating expenses by 3-5 times as compared with brick house. It preserves heat during winter and coolness during summer (during winter, a house with switched off heating cools down by 1°С a day in average).

Durability is designed for up to 100 cycles, which is equivalent up to 100 years of building operation. Polystyrene concrete does not absorb water.

Polystyrene concrete is ecologically clean material: blown-out polystyrene, complies with Uzbek Sanitarian Rules and Norms №0193-06 is used in production. Polystyrene concrete is not a nutrient medium for micro organisms and fungi, and is not subject to decay.

Polystyrene concrete is classified as hardly-inflammable material according to the Uzbek Governmental Standard (ГОСТ 12.1.044 (p4.3.) and complies with the inflammability group G1 (Г1).

– Large blocks simplify the wall laying. Blocks have various shapes, are easily installed and increase the speed of construction of walls and partitions by 10 times;

– Laying is performed on glue basis for foam concrete, which allows obtaining the inter-block seam not exceeding 3-5 mm and avoiding the formation of cold heads;